The Conference Call with Damian O'Doherty

04. Dr. Brian Garibaldi on the view of COVID-19 from the Johns Hopkins Biocontainment Unit

Episode Notes

In episode four,  we get the inside view of the COVID-19 crisis from Dr. Garibaldi, Medical Director of the Johns Hopkins Biocontainment unit.  Dr. Garibaldi  tells us what it was like to see the crisis fall on his hometown of New York City and helping prepare Maryland for the pandemic while waiting for the state's first case.  Garibaldi also explains the challenges of combating a new disease, and the race to learn as much as possible. Join us for our fourth episode. 

Dr. Brian Thomas Garibaldi is an associate professor in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and the medical director of The Johns Hopkins Biocontainment Unit (BCU), a federally funded special pathogens treatment center.